Enhance Your Fair Skin With The Right Color Prom Dress

Published: 26th March 2012
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Shopping for prom dresses is not easy at all; you simply have to look your stunning best. It has to be a costume that will make such a positive impact that people will remember you for years. It is true that you have to get a prom dress that will set off your figure to an advantage. People should turn their heads again and again just to have a glimpse of you. Your date should be proud of you. When you are fair, getting a prom dress that will set your color to an advantage will be the best choice.

Black for fair girls

No matter what your complexion is, black will suit you any day. It is a neutral color. If you are as white as a chalk then don't go for black because it will only make you paler. But you can always hide pale skin with the right kind of blush, eye shadow and rouge. You can also try different shades of black like ebony, blackberry, charcoal and midnight black. This will be wonderful for your skin if you are a blonde, redhead or brunette.

Blue for the fair-skinned

Shades of blue will be ideal for the fair-skinned. Azure, blueberry, indigo, navy, periwinkle, sky, sapphire, cornflower, baby blue you have many choices when it comes to blue.

Gold for light-skinned women

This beautiful color will definitely accentuate your fair skin and make you look rich. Especially if you are dark haired. Try out these shades in gold dark gold, green gold, metallic, copper and brown gold.

Colors that make you slim

If you are fair skinned and plump then naturally you are on the lookout for those dresses that will make you slim. So what colors will look good on you. Black is definitely a probably choice. And if you are tired of seeing black and is in mood for an adventure try navy blue, chocolate brown, maroon or dark gray. These colors are also called neutrals and will look ravishing. Now if you like different colors on your prom dress, never go for bright colors like orange, blue, green and red, especially on those areas where you don't want highlighted. A combination of neutral colors will be good; add embellishments to them and there will be nobody to beat you. Bright colors are good for accessories, but not on your dress.

Colors that make you voluptuous

If you are fair, but too thin you can steal the show by making yourself fuller. Lighter shades will make you look good and you can easily highlight the best features in your figure. Contrasting colors are also good because they will direct the attention to your figure. Single colors will make your figure more prominent.

Colors that will tan you

If you want to look your seductive best, go for colors that will not pale you. Red is good because it will bring the red tones in your faces. Same is the case for orange. Pastel shades like powder blue, pale pink, light yellow and sea foam green are good for pale skinned women. Light turquoise shades are also good if you want to reduce that paleness. Don't forget white while you are at it.

Whats your skin tone?

So you are fair, but what exactly is your color tone? Is it warm, cool or neutral? That is also a major consideration when you are choosing colors for your fair skin. When your skin has slight tinges of olive or yellow you are considered warm and colors like yellow green, olive green, peachy pink red orange, bright orange, dark brown and white are good. Cool toned fair women will have more of blue and pink in their complexion. They can go for colors like red, black, magenta, purple, magenta and blue green. Neutral tones will have a mix of yellow, blue and pink in their skin. These girls are lucky as they will look beautiful in any color.

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