How To Pick Your Bridesmaids Dress Styles

Published: 11th June 2012
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When choosing the right bridesmaid dress style, it is important to consider the person who will wear it. The body shape must be considered.

Planning the wedding of your dreams can be quite tiresome and there is a lot of stress involved. You have to choose an entourage and they should look good especially the bridesmaids. The bride is usually the one who chooses the dress style of the bridesmaids. Bridesmaid dresses must match the overall theme of one's wedding that is why it is important to choose the right style that will fit every bridesmaid.

Work on a Budget

Weddings are expensive so you have to place a ceiling budget so you will not overspend on bridesmaid dresses alone. When you have a budget range, you can narrow down the choices for the dresses. You can also strike a good deal with the seamstress or dressmaker or you can simply order from a store if the size they have is just right. Feel free to shop around and find the best price. Do not get the first one that comes along. There are still others. Take down notes and the prices of the dresses.

Look and Feel Good in a Dress

Choose a style that will make the bridesmaid comfortable when wearing it. Formal fitting dresses do not necessarily mean that it will look good on them. The body shape of the bridesmaid must be taken into consideration. If your bridesmaid has a narrow waist, an empire waist dress will look good on her. If a lady is not so busty, it is best to stay away from strapless dresses. Shawls may also come in handy if a bridesmaid prefers to cover her arms. If you are dressing a plus-size lady, always remember to flaunt her assets.

What Style to Choose

The style of the dresses of the bridesmaid is decided on the dress of the bride because bridesmaid dresses must compliment the bride's dress. Do not choose contrasting styles because they will not look good. How formal is the occasion? Bridesmaid dresses may not be the exact same style but they must match. It all depends on how you want your wedding to go.

Deciding the Dress Detail

If you are dressing a plus size bridesmaid, do not opt of too many details like beads and ruffles because this will only add bulk to the body. If a bridesmaid has a curvaceous body, a simple dress with a simple cut will make them look sexy.

One-piece or Separate?

Bridesmaid dresses are usually one-piece gowns. However, you can choose to have separates over gowns if this style will make your bridesmaid look better.

Season of Your Wedding

The time and the weather when you will hold your wedding plays a role in choosing the dress style for your bridesmaids. If your wedding is during winter, then the fabrics must be fit for the weather like sleeved gowns and shawls. If your wedding is to be held during summer time, you can go for lighter fabrics and styles that can go for a beach wedding.

Choosing Accessories

Matching jewelry pieces to your bridesmaids can make them look good as well. However, do not put on too much accessories. Simplicity is beauty. A pair of earrings or a necklace is enough.

Bridesmaids play an important part in the wedding. It will also be helpful in asking them for suggestions about the style of dress that they prefer. It is better to have some help so that the burden is not all on the bride. Suggestions from the bridesmaids regarding the style of dress that they prefer can be a very big help.

The wedding day is the most important day in a bride's life and everything must go smoothly and look perfect. If you see your bridesmaids comfortable in what they are wearing, looking stunningly elegant, it gives you a lot of pleasure for your very important day to remember.

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