Prom Dress Color Choices For Wheatish/Brown Skin

Published: 26th March 2012
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Prom is a memorable occasion so it is important to pick a dress that will compliment you in just the right way. While personal preference is important, what is compelling to the eye may not be the best fit for you. Before picking a dress, a thought to how colors will wash out or enhance your skin tone should be the basis for any prom dress choice. If your skin is a rich wheatish or brown tone some of the “usual suspects” such as black, deep blue, or grey may not be the ones to run for. So, what are the best color choices for wheatish or brown skin? Here is a flaw free comprehensive list.

Pink and Red

Be it shocking pink, fire engine red or anything in between you will look fabulous in a red hue. Actually colors that seem so over the top bright on the hanger dim down to a titillating glow next to the rich landscape of wheatish or brown skin. The only rule of thumb is to not go pale, i.e. pale pink and not to go dark, i.e. maroon or deep red. Stay away from bordering on purple too. Reds and Pinks pick up on the natural tones in wheatish or brown skin

Gold and Yellow

A shimmering metallic gold is absolutely the best color for wheatish or brown skin tones. It enhances all the hallmark features of the earthen hues. Gold is a “fail safe” color; when all else fails, wear it! Gold can actually make your skin seem to glow.

Yellow is a color that seems to work especially with wheatish or brown skin. The brighter the yellow the better. In fact a washed out yellow looks horrid, but a canary yellow gives the impression of shine to rich skin tones.

White and Cream

White is the second best friend of wheatish or brown skin tones. It flat out looks delicious next to the skin. It is not that white “brings out” anything in the skin, so to speak, but more so it provides such a contrast that as a consequence wheatish or brown skin looks truly decadent.

Cream is a happy marriage of gold and white. It makes your skin glow, like gold, but also provides the stark contrast of white. It is important the cream is rich in color. Off white will not have the same effect.

The Metallic Rainbow

Metallics can come in any color. While grey is unflattering silver is nice for wheatish skin as long as it is not a dark or slate color. Rather more like a polished chrome. The same goes for blue. A brighter shade of blue in a metallic can be rather becoming as well. Even the normal “no, no” colors can be saved if worn in a lighter shade with a metallic sheen.

Turquoise and Teal

Turquoise and teal are great choices because you do not see them much and they, much like white, provide a serious contrast next to wheatish or brown skin. The beauty of turquoise and teal are that you get the enhanced effect without the more sterile monotone sense that white gives.

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