What Bridesmaids Dress Styles Are Good For A Winter Wedding

Published: 12th January 2011
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A winter wedding can be an extraordinary event filled with beautiful snow-filled scenes and a crisp, frosty atmosphere. Many brides schedule their weddings for the holiday season which can make a winter wedding even more magical. Planning for a winter wedding can be exciting, and creating winter-based themes to match the season can make the occasion unforgettable. When planning a winter wedding, many brides have difficulties finding suitable bridesmaid dresses. Often times, the dress styles for the bridal party are designed for warm seasons. Searching for comfortable, stylish, and warm dresses can be an overwhelming task, but it is not an impossible one.

Essential Winter Fabrics

When searching for a suitable winter wedding bridesmaid dress, it is important to keep the weather in mind. Dresses made of fine, flowing fabrics are perfect for summer weddings, but winter calls for more protective materials. Fabrics like heavy silks, taffetas, and crepes are ideal for keeping bridesmaids warm in the bitter weather. These materials are chic and classy, and they follow the traditions of bridesmaid fashion. Satin can also insulate well and it can add a touch of luxury to any winter wedding. If you prefer more feminine fabrics like lace, you may want to opt for heavier styles that can protect the skin from harsh temperatures.

Ideal Styles for Winter

There are many styles of bridesmaids dresses that would be suitable for a winter wedding. Longer dresses that reach the floor are the most ideal choices. A-line shapes and sheath dresses each offer maximum coverage while retaining a sense of high fashion. Strapless or sleeveless dresses are ideal for warm weather weddings, but they are not suitable for wintry settings. Dresses that are designed to cover the shoulders can look chic while protecting the bridesmaids from the chilled weather. Long sleeves offer the most protection and often have a classic look. Many bridesmaid dresses are also available with higher, more modest necklines. These styles will keep your bridal party sheltered from any type of winter weather.

Adding Accoutrements to Dresses

While many winter bridesmaid dresses are designed to look beautiful and protect from harsh weather, there are extra steps you can take to ensure your bridal party remains comfortable. One of the best options is to choose a dress style that can easily be accompanied by a shrug or wrap. Velvet or faux fur boleros and embroidered sweaters can complement nearly any dress style. Many brides choose matching elbow length gloves to accompany the bridesmaid dress. This will give your bridal party extra cold-air protection. Wool leggings or tights can be worn under longer dresses provided the dress is made of a thick, heavy fabric.

No matter what style of dress you select, keep in mind the personalities, ages, heights, and body styles of your bridesmaids. Each dress should flatter and complement the individual woman. Longer dresses can often overwhelm some body types, so it is important to choose fabrics that hang well on each bridesmaidís figure. There are a number of beautifully crafted bridesmaid dresses available, and each unique style can create a flawless, cutting edge look for your bridal party.

If you dream of creating the perfect winter wedding, your bridal party should reflect the charm of the winter atmosphere. With a little planning and research, it is possible to find the perfect winter ensembles for your bridesmaids. No matter what style or fabric you choose, a winter bridesmaid dress should be comfortable, and it should keep your bridesmaids warm. The dress should flatter each individualís figure and enhance the overall look of the entire wedding. A carefully selected, elegantly designed bridesmaid dress can add to the sophistication and beauty of your winter wedding.

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